A person in charge of a private smoking cessation organization in New Zealand said the government's public health department had changed its attitude towards electronic cigarettes after listening to public and consumer opinions.

It's not easy to get this result! To know that in 2017, the New Zealand government is not allowed to sell nicotine-containing e juice, containing nicotine electronic cigarette by the New Zealand government as illegal products. Moreover, the New Zealand Ministry of Health also sent officials to implement smoking policy to inform retailers to prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes.
Later, under the call of the public health experts of electronic cigarettes, the New Zealand government began to pay attention to the issue under the call of the New Zealand Electronic Tobacco Alliance (NZVA), public consultation and public debate on e juice, and the collection of recommendations on e juice To prove that "cheap e juice is fresh air product, and the safety rate of up to 95%, is the choice of smokers."